Was trying to find a program which could combine my home internet with my mobile phone package. (I have unlimited internet on both).

I found this program iNetFusion .(not affiliated)

So I setup my a WiFi hotspot on my phone, plug in my WiFi USB stick, my Ethernet cable is already plugged in ;-p and iNetFusion.

The downside to the program is it’s not free.  You can try it out, but it will not use all of the available bandwidth.

My home broadband is 80mbps, I get 65-70mbps download and 18-20 Up.  Unpaid I got 75-77mbps download and 18-21 Up.

Paid for, I got 90-101mbps download and 24-30 Up.

My mobile phone provider is 3, which in my area is about 20mbps download and 18 Up.  So it’s no using all the upload bandwidth which I don’t care about.

It’s just a load balancing software and it does a great job.  However sometimes when I close the software, my browser sometimes failed’s to connect to a site first time.  If it bothers me I just restart my PC.